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The Australian Sailing Coach Hub!  

Looking to enhance your coaching sessions? Look no further than the Australian Sailing Coach Hub! Discover the tools and resources to help you to take your coaching to the next level

New Resources - Learn to Sail Videos 

Australian Sailing has produced 5 new Dinghy Learn to Sail videos. The resources are aimed at introducing beginners to Dinghy sailing and developing the fundamental skills needed to later progress with confidence.   

Drills for Skills- Rabbit Starts

This is a gate start without the fuss. The Rabbit or ‘Pathfinder’ sets off at a preset time (either using repeated whistles when they start their run or after a timed sequence.

Jana Sonter’s Top Tips for Windsurfing Instructors!

Jana Sonter is the current Australian Sailing Deputy Chief Windsurf Instructor. With over 20 years of extensive experience teaching windsurfing, sailing, and powerboating across Europe and a Master’s degree in sport science, specializing in windsurfing.

Alignment of accreditation dates for multi-qualification holders

We recently changed how we recognise and support instructors and coaches who hold multiple accreditations. We hope the change described below reduces barriers cited by many instructors and coaches to remaining accredited in multiple sailing disciplines. The change enables a simpler process to reaccreditation and saves you time and costs associated in the 5 yearly reaccreditation process. 
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Top Tips for Getting Started with the Wing Program

Darwin Sailing Club has just finished its Dry Season which is their main sailing season. So, we asked Alanna Field the Training Manager at Darwin Sailing Club how they went being one of the first clubs to introduce the wing program into their sailing activities. The Learn to Wing Program is a new program for Discover Sailing Centres (DSCs), designed to introduce participants to the exciting discipline of wing-surfing.  
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Instructor and Coach of the year 2023

The Australian Sailing Awards have been the premier off-water celebration nation-wide for several decades. In 2014, the categories of, Instructor of the Year and Coach of the Year, were added with nominations being given by State Associations. 

Understanding Participation Programs

12 months ago, Australian Sailing released the Participation Programs which provide clubs and class associations with the coaching frameworks and tools to deliver programs across the 3 levels of; Green, Intermediate and Advanced, assisting with developing members skills and knowledge beyond their initial learn to sail activities.
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Foiling Safety – For coaches & club support personnel

Foiling is rapidly growing at clubs across the country, and many coaches are beginning to deliver sessions at their clubs with various foiling classes, with this growth comes extra safety precautions you need to be aware of when supporting sailors, especially when operating near the equipment or in rescue situations.
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Making your own drill

As a coach having the ability to make your own drill can greatly improve your ability to provide versatile and engaging sailing experiences for your participants. Yes, there are plenty of amazing drills if you want to go searching for them.

Top Tips for Powerboat Instructors – Craig Ferris

In each Training in Focus edition, we will provide some bite-sized, practical, easy to implement ‘Top-Tips’ from experienced instructors and coaches from around the country, that you can incorporate into your session planning and delivery throughout the season.   

Bluey’s episode- Adaptability through a changing environment

Whether you have heard of the Kids TV program “Bluey’s” or not the lesson to be taken away from the 7 minute episode released in June called “Cricket” can actually be seen from a coaches perspective in a very practical way and from sailing community in general as a way to look at the sport as a whole.