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Club Survey

Club Satisfaction Survey

The Club Satisfaction Survey is an important tool for ensuring that Australian Sailing is meeting the expectation of member Clubs. We need your feedback so that we know what services you value and how we are performing. The survey forms part of Australian Sailings’ annual review of services which in turn will assist us to achieve our strategic goals.

The survey is designed to:

•  Measure the relevance and value of the services provided by Australian Sailing to Clubs

•  Measure the quality and level of satisfaction of Clubs with the services currently provided

•  Identify key opportunities, challenges and/or issues which Clubs may have experienced with the services provided by Australian Sailing

•  Gather feedback for improvements in services we provide to Clubs

This is sent to all Club Key Contacts registered in the revSPORT national database and the survey has been designed so that participants can either complete the entire survey or respond only to the questions that are relevant to their Club.

Responses to the survey remain confidential.

Previous survey results can be found here:


Files available for download