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About Australian Sailing

Australian Sailing is the governing body for the sport of Sailing in Australia. We are responsible for the administration, promotion and development of sailing. We are a member-based organisation that represent the interests and provides services & support to over 360 clubs across Australia as well as more than 160 accredited Discover Sailing Centres.

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Our priorities are to work with clubs to:




An enhanced sailing delivery system delivering positive and rewarding Sailing experiences More people on the water in more ways, more often No.1 Olympic sailing country in the world uniting & inspiring our community & nation

To view our Sailing 2032 Strategic Plan, click here


A Guide For Clubs

From time to time, club officials are asked by their members about their clubs’ affiliation with Australian Sailing and what value it provides them.

Articulating AS’s role as a National Sporting Organisation with a “whole of sport” responsibility is a challenge as the sailing community is broad, the services AS provides are diverse; and they are used by clubs, classes and individuals to varying degrees at different times.

To assist with this, AS has produced a Guide for Clubs that provides a snapshot of the services and support we currently deliver as part of our strategic plan. More details and information can be found on our websites