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Bluey’s episode- Adaptability through a changing environment

Published Fri 22 Sep 2023

Blueys Cricket Episode CREDIT ABC

Whether you have heard of the Kids TV program “Bluey’s” or not the lesson to be taken away from the 7 minute episode released in June called “Cricket” can actually be seen from a coaches perspective in a very practical way and from sailing community in general as a way to look at the sport as a whole. 

The episode focuses on one of Bluey's friends, Rusty, who we're told "loves cricket". That love of the game is shown by him playing at every possible opportunity: "with a real cricket ball" in the park with friends and by knocking a tennis ball against the wall by himself. 

When three grown-ups come together to try and form a plan to get Rusty out, another backyard staple is addressed — the uniqueness of each backyard and what happens when a shot goes wrong. 

After some foiled attempts to get Rusty out and Rusty having the skills to solve problems, like a crack in the pitch to get the ball to deviate, by having spent hours practising on the incredibly rough surface under a tree at his mate Jack's house or in Rusty's backyard, it's the kitchen window that’s the issue and his unfortunate mother who is seen trying to do the washing up without getting hit by a ball. Another problem that is overcome this time by Rusty working on his square cut. 

This follows the great tradition of Australian batters making the most of their backyard environment to hone their skills. 

Adaptability through different cricket grounds is a technique that can be applied to sailing coaching by using the same principle of adaptability by training on a variety of different boats and waters. 

By training on a variety of boats the sailors will be well versed in jumping on a boat and able to quickly and effectively sail almost any boat. This can also help if the boat you are using for a regatta isn’t available, rather than having no training the sailor can use their time to work on the principle of adaptability or even focus on strategies and tactics.  

By training in a variety of different waters the sailors can train to deal with a variety of environments and the problems that may come with certain waters, like waves, tides, obstacles (sandbars and reefs) and shifty winds. Adaptability can also help in young kids when it comes to resilience and the ability to cope with change. 

As is so often the case with Bluey episodes, there are few lessons to be learned and like most Blueys episodes it ends with a great moral takeaway and in this example it is of good sportsmanship. 

With the episode ending with a great big brother interaction in which Rusty hits the ball to his younger sister instead of going for the win, promoting the love of the sport and helping others. 

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