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The Australian Sailing Coach Hub!  

Published Thu 04 Apr 2024

Looking to enhance your coaching sessions? Look no further than the Australian Sailing Coach Hub! Discover the tools and resources to help you to take your coaching to the next level. 

📚 Stage appropriate Session and Season Plans:  

Explore a range of pre-prepared plans, developed by experienced coaches to support your coaching journey, and enhance the experience of the sailors you coach. Whether you're guiding sailors transitioning from learn-to-sail programs to Green Fleet, or coaching Advanced Fleet sailors preparing for National Championships or overseas competition, we have session and season plans designed for every stage and every class of boat or board. To complement these, we have provided coaches with access to sailor progress sheet templates and session overview resources all of which are designed to help you deliver repeatable quality experiences to those you coach. 

🔍 Additional Resources: 

In the Coach HUB you can also find additional resources, including recordings from the coach development webinar series presented by Performance Pathway and Next Level Coaches, the webinars cover a range of relevant topics, you can find class-specific tuning guides, perfect for optimising your sailors' performance. And for personal growth, explore our reflection and self-evaluation tools to help you refine your coaching skills and strategies. 

💡 Built on Best Practices:  

The resources available to accredited Sailing Coaches are based on best practice and are age and stage-appropriate, ready for coaches to integrate into their club or class association coaching programs. 

🌟 Stay Updated:  

The Australian Sailing Coach Hub is regularly updated, our latest update includes the addition of a comprehensive WingFOIL program, designed to facilitate progression for participants post-learn-to-wing courses and FoilLAB sessions. 

Ready to elevate your coaching? - Dive into The Coaching Hub now!  

Accredited Sailing Coaches can access the Coaching HUB here [login required]