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Club in Focus: Safety Bay Yacht Club

Founded in 1947 on the shores of the picturesque Safety Bay in Western Australia, the Safety Bay Yacht Club (SBYC) is the oldest Yacht Club in its local area. Located less than three kilometres from Penguin Island, the waters for this off the beach class specialist club provide ample opportunity for the experienced and learned sailor to perfect their skills in windsurfing, kitesurfing, and sailing.
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Club in Focus: Port Cygnet Sailing Club

Formed in May of 1863 on the shores of Robley’s Point in Tasmania, the Port Cygnet Sailing Club (PCSC) is a club with a long and successful history and is one which continues to sustainably flourish socially and competitively. While the first functions of the club were held in a small tent and purely supported dinghies and off-the-beach sailing, PCSC now has a beautiful Clubhouse with unsurpassed views over the bay and well over 100 registered moorings.
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Club in Focus: Albert Park Yacht Club

Established in 1871 and celebrating their 150th Anniversary in 2022, the beautiful Albert Park Yacht Club (APYC) is an entirely volunteer run organisation in Melbourne, Victoria. One of the national finalists for the Australian Sailing Club of the Year award in 2022, APYC offers modern club rooms for the use of club members as well as the local community and sailing all year round.
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Club in Focus: Koombana Bay Sailing Club

Koombana Bay Sailing Club (KBSC) is located on the shores of the beautiful north facing Koombana Bay Bunbury in Anchorage Cove, Western Australia. KBSC club has grown to become the local hub of sailing activity, regularly hosting community programs and a variety of racing opportunities.
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Club in Focus: Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club

Right in the heart of the working harbour of Newcastle, Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club (NCYC) sits peacefully away from the comings and goings of cargo ships. Founded in 1994 by a small group of enthusiastic sailors, NCYC has grown at an exponential rate, regularly hosting community events as well as sailing-focused activities, and national titles, winning the Australian Sailing Club of the Year award in 2019.
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Club in Focus: Capricornia Cruising Yacht Club (CCYC)

A short walk from the Keppel Bay Marina, Capricornia Cruising Yacht Club (CCYC) is situated in the beautiful Rosslyn Bay in Yeppoon. Established in 1974 by a small yet passionate group of sailors, this club has grown to become the centerpiece of its local sailing community, regularly hosting community events as well as sailing-focused activities.
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Club in Focus: Wynyard Yacht Club (WYC)

Established in 1961, Wynyard Yacht Club (WYC) is situated in the small town of Wynyard, near the mouth of the Inglis River on the northern coast of Tasmania. With a local population of 5000 people, WYC plays a large role in connecting locals and members alike and is an integral part of the local sailing community.
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Club in Focus: Cairns Yacht Club (CYC)

Cairns Yacht Club overlooks the marina and waterfront of Trinity Inlet in the heart of Cairns, Far North Queensland. The club boasts a second superb dinghy location 30 kms north of the city at beautiful Ellis Beach. The history of the club stretches over a fascinating114 years including the founding years when the club was responsible for constructing some of the first navigation towers in the area.
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Club in Focus: Gove Boat Club (GBC)

Gove Boat Club (GBC) is located at Melville Bay 12km from the town of Nhulunbuy at the top of the Gulf of Carpentaria in East Arnhem Land, NT. The club is an integral part of the township especially since fishing is a popular pastime of locals with most people owning a boat of some kind, as such the boat ramp is always busy with a steady stream of boats going in and out most days.
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