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Learn about child safeguarding

Published Thu 22 Jun 2023

All clubs, class associations and Discover Sailing Centres share the same responsibility as Australian Sailing when it comes to adopting and implementing child safe practices. Fortunately there is a wealth of information available to help.

A good place to start is the Child Safeguarding in Sport Induction. The course is excellent for anyone involved in running sailing clubs with racing or training involving children. The course will provide the basic knowledge required to understand and implement the Child Safeguarding Policy.

People involved in the administration of sailing organisations should complete Sport Integrity Australia’s online induction which explains how all of the National Integrity Framework’s policies work together.

Ultimately you will have to read the Child Safeguarding Policy itself. There is no substitute for going to the source. The Child Safeguarding Policy sets out what your organisation’s requirements are, what prohibited conduct is, and how to report matters. There are links to a summary of Australian Child Protection Legislations, and also Working With Children Check requirements for all states and territories.

The Sport Australia website has an entire section dedicated to child safe sport. The Sport Integrity Australia website has policies, resources, and education to build the capacity of your organisation and the individuals there to provide a child safe environment in sailing.

There are no shortcuts to child safeguarding. We recommend that you take the online courses, read the Child Safeguarding Policy, check out the websites of Sport Australian and Sport Integrity Australia, and look through the websites of your state government’s agencies. There is an abundance of guidance and advice. The information is there and freely available to the benefit and protection of the young people coming through our sport.

The Child Safeguarding in Sport Induction is here.
An online induction about the National Integrity Framework and its policies can be done here.
The National Integrity Framework and its policies are here.

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