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World Sailing’s Plan to Support Women in Sailing

Published Thu 30 May 2024

Australian Sailing is pleased to endorse World Sailing’s recently published plan aimed at increasing female participation across all aspects of sailing.  

With just 60 days until Paris 2024, the first Gender Equal Olympics featuring full male and female parity, ‘Steering the Course’ reaffirms our joint commitment to promoting inclusivity, accessibility, and equity within the sport. 

Ben Houston, Australian Sailing Chief Executive Officer, said, “We commend the plan's ambition, particularly regarding the increase in female officials. This is a priority area under Australia Sailing's Sailing 2032 Strategic Plan and we will continue to work with World Sailing as we approach the 2032 Olympics in Brisbane. 

Additionally, we appreciate the emphasis on governance, media, and participation, which aligns with feedback from our recent Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion survey. These areas will be key components of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategy, set to be released later this year”. 

To see the full plan for Steering the Course – World Sailing’s Plan to support women in sailing click here