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Planning, scheduling, and setting up your Participation Programs this season

Published Wed 08 Nov 2023

The sailing season has began for most clubs, and if your club has not already, now is the time for clubs and their committees to plan and prepare the programs and activities they will deliver this season.  

Once you have scheduled your clubs’ courses and programs, it is important that you set these up in your clubs revSPORT portal, as this will allow promotion online; via your club’s website, social media, or newsletters, and your participants and members can easily register for opportunities that they wish to participate in.  

The participation programs are ready be set up in your clubs revSPORT portal now, the same way you would set up other events or courses at your club. You will see the course templates available in the dropdown list within the events section.  

Once set up, members and participants can register for your programs, and you can track attendance, assign coaches, communicate with those registered, and reward the participants at the conclusion of the program with completion certificates. 

There are no fees for affiliated clubs to use REVsport to set up, and deliver any of the participation programs, and by setting up the programs in your REVsport portal, you will reduce the administration burden of volunteers or staff at your club and be able to track participation and retention of members.

The Participation Programs offer a continuation of learning and improvement, appropriate to an individual’s stage of development and experience, and provide retention opportunities to progress from learn to sail programs at your club, into regular club participation, the program guide which supports the participation programs, provides club committees, discover sailing centre coordinators, instructors, and coaches’ clarity to the stages of development for sailors, and will help your club to plan its activities and programs this season. 

To set up participation programs follow the steps detailed in the support guide here or contact your local Club Support Officer.