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Judge - National Level Course

Recommended length
8 hours

Course Overview

The National Judge Seminar is aimed at educating Australian Sailing members in advanced principles to Chair a championship jury, and contribute towards cases and appeals.

National Judges play an important role in sailing by enabling better quality decision to be made at championship events where the results of a hearing may have significant consequences for the competitors(s) involved.

To become accredited as an Australian Sailing National Judge you are required to:

  • Be a member of an Australian Sailing affiliated club.
  • Attend an Australian Sailing National Judge Seminar.
  • Pass the National Judge Exam with an 80% score or more.
  • Completed the National Judge Practical Assessment with a National level pass.

If you wish to accredit via submitting prior evidence that meets the above requirements please complete the National Judge Accreditation Application Form. When completing the form please upload any documents in PDF format.

Registration at the top of this page allow you to enrol in an available Accreditation Seminar.

Attendees are asked to bring to the seminar:

Course Prerequisites

There are no formal pre-requisites for participation in this course. However, the skill, knowledge and judgement requisits of the lower judge qualifications are expected of an seminar attendee. The Australian Sailing Judge Seminar is just one aspect of becoming a National Judge.

For further details please read the Judges Accreditation policy

Course Price

The cost of the seminar is $155.00.

Who should do this course?

The National Judge seminar is aimed at educating people who wish to develop and become senior Judges in the sport of Sailing. Those who may be interested in becoming a National Judge include parents who may have experience with sailing and want to contribute to the sport, volunteers at yacht clubs and sailors who no longer actively participate in the sport.

Course Outcome

Participants will become accredited as a National Judge; A person capable of being an elite and leading member of a championship jury,capable of contributing towards cases and appeals.

If you have further queries regarding this course please contact your Club Support Officer.

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VIC - National Judge Seminar - Boatshed - NJS_TBS_SEP24
Sat 21 Sep 2024 09:00 — Sun 22 Sep 2024 17:00 AEST
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