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National Judge - Accreditation Application Form


Date TBA
Australian Sailing (Head Office), Sub Base Platypus, Suite 1001, Building 10, 118 High St, North Sydney NSW 2060
Australian Sailing - Judge - National Level Accreditation Application Form

Course information


The Accreditation Application Form allows you to submit evidence of prior seminar attendance (within the last 4 years), exam results, and practical assessment to meet the course accreditation criteria.

Submitting an Application Form is free of cost and will be processed within within 4 weeks of being submitted.

When completing the form please upload any documents in PDF format. If submitting multiple assessment forms to meet all of the Pracctical Assessment form criteria, please scann all documents and upload as a single PDF file.

Who should use this form?

The National Judge accreditation is aimed at people who wish to develop and become senior Judges in the sport of Sailing. Those who may be interested in becoming a National Judge include parents who may have experience with sailing and want to contribute to the sport, volunteers at yacht clubs and sailors who no longer actively participate in the sport.

Accreditation Application - Outcome

Participants will become accredited as a National Judge; A person capable of being an elite and leading member of a championship jury.

If you have further queries regarding this course please contact your Club Support Officer.