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Find a Course

Australian Sailing offers a range of courses to cater for all levels.

To find a course that is right for you, select a category below.


This fun introductory, games-based sailing program is designed for kids aged 7-12 yrs

OutThere Sailing This program is for 12–17 years old keen to have fun on water with friends on multiple crafts
Dinghy This program offers all ages courses on exhilarating small sailing boats
Keelboat This program allows all ages participants to learn to sail on up to 10m boats
Powerboat This program provides you with the necessary skills to safely drive small powerboats
Windsurfing This program is designed for all ages participants keen to learn the thrill of windsurfing
Participation programs Stage appropriate Coaching Programs for any class of boat or board'
Foil-LAB A foiling taster designed to give the opportunity to try foiling in a controlled and safe way
Learn to Wing This course will get you up on your board and confidently going upwind, mastering tacking and gybing.
Safety & Sea Survival This program is for sailors wanting to effectively manage safety and emergencies at sea 
Instructor/Coach Training These programs teach the knowledge and skills required to instruct and coach sailing
Officials Training These programs enable participants to become a: Race Office, Judge, Umpire or Measurer
Equipment Auditor Training These programs enable participants to become an equipment auditor
Discover Sailing Day Discover Sailing Day is an opportunity for the public to experience sailing at a club