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NSW&ACT Race Officials Committee

The Objectives of the Race Officials Committee are - 

Develop more race officials and achieve a higher standard of officiating by: 

  • Communicating with race officials. 
  • Providing an environment to share knowledge and enthusiasm. 
  • Educating race officials and volunteers. 

The Committee members are available and willing to answers questions and mentor all NSW and ACT race officials, please contact them via the email links below.

If your Club or Class needs help finding race officials you can use the Officials Finder or contact Australian Sailing

Chair Steve Hatch  IJ, IU, NRO Email Steve
  Damien Boldyrew  IJ, IU Email Damien
  Howard Elliott  IJ, NRO Email Howard
  Ian Humphries  IJ, NU, NRO Email Ian
  Hugh Leicester  IRO Email Hugh
  Rob Ridley  IRO Email Rob
  Richard Slater  IJ, IU Email Richard
  Jeremey Atkinson  IRO, NJ, NU, OCM Email Jeremey


IJ = International Judge, NJ = National Judge

IU = International Umpire, NU = National Umpire

IRO = International Race Officer, NRO = National Race Officer

IM = International Measurer, OCM = Official Class Measurer

Race Officials' Resources

Racing Rules Webinars on Youtube

Officials Resources

Official's Code of Conduct

Files available for download