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National Judge - Re-accreditation Application Form


Date TBA
Australian Sailing (Head Office), Sub Base Platypus, Suite 1001, Building 10, 118 High St, North Sydney NSW 2060
Australian Sailing - Judge - National Level Re-accreditation Application Form

Course information


The Re-accreditation Application Form allows you to submit evidence of an exam result and completed practical assessment (from within the last 4 years) to meet the course accreditation criteria.

Submitting an Application Form is free of cost and will be processed within 4 weeks of being submitted.

When completing the aplication form, submitting multiple assessment forms to meet all of the practical asesment form criteria should be scanned and uploaded as a single PDF file.

Who should use this form?

This course is for anyone looking to re-accredit their National Judge qualification and continue to volunteer as an official at Club,State and National level events.

Re-accreditation Application - Outcome

Participants will become re-accredited as a National Judge; A person capable of being an elite and leading member of a championship jury.

If you have further queries regarding this course please contact your Club Support Officer.