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Measurer - Official Class Accreditation Application Form


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Online Webinar via Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Teams
Australian Sailing - Measurer - Official Class Accreditation Application Form

Course information


The Accreditation Application Form allows you to submit evidence of:

  • Seminar attendance (within the last 4 years).
  • Class Association Letter of Endorsement to to measure for that specific association.
  • A successful Performance Assessment.
  • An Events Experience log.

Submitting an Application Form is free of cost and will be processed within within 4 weeks of being submitted.

When completing the form please upload any Word, Excel or other documents in PDF format.

Who should use this form?

Australian Sailing members applying for first time accreditation are required to submit an Accreditation Application Form.

Successful Application - Outcome

Participants will become accredited as a Measurer – Official Class Measurer; a person qualified to carry out measurement and certification control and perform fundamental measurement and certification. They are qualified to act as an event measurer or equipment inspector at any event at Club, State or National level. An Official Class measurer will have met the stringent criteria for officiating in their stream. Competitors will expect a high level of expertise from these officials. This qualification is a pre-requisite to progressing to International Measurer.