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TAS - Pacer Fleet Bookings


Sat 01 Jul 2023 00:00 — Sun 30 Jun 2024 00:00

Event information

This event has passed.

To book the Pacer Fleet based at SBSC please contact an AS staff member to check availability.

Once availability is confirmed, please complete this booking registration and make payment before going on water. 

To check availability email or 


Booking fees includes GST

- $150per Session or Half Day up to 4hrs, 3 to 6 boats 

- $300per Full Day 4hrs+, 3 to 6 boats

$500 per Day Off Site inclusive of travel/loading days

- $25 per Session for a single pacer (1 Hour)


For special booking requirements please enquire for an estimate. 

Please note this booking process is for Pacers only (RIBs not included). Please contact the SBSC or AS to arrange safetyboats. 


Any enquiries please contact an AS staff member: