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3. Better Windsurfing

Recommended length
12 hours
Minimum age
Maximum age

Course Overview
Your windsurfing journey continues as you refine your skills enabling you to safely sail independently in stronger winds. 

Course Prerequisites

Water confident and the skills, knowledge and experience gained in Start Windsurfing.

Who should do this course?

This course is designed for participants who wish to refine their windsurfing skills and who have completed a Start Windsurfing course.

Course Outcome

You will gain your Better Windsurfing completion certificate. 


We recognise that some of our course participants are completing the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award and may be using sailing and/or club membership to complete one or more sections of The Award. To learn more, click here

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Better Windsurfing 2024-2025
Mon 04 Nov 2024 17:30 — Mon 17 Mar 2025 19:30 AEDT
Dobroyd Aquatic Club
Dobroyd Aquatic Club