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Judge - Protest Committee Member Reaccreditation Course

Recommended length
1 hour

The Protest Committee Member Reaccreditation Course focusses on informing individuals of the updates to the Racing Rules of Sailing, Regulations and Call Books.

This is with the aim of upholding a satisfactory level of rules knowledge and continuing to provide quality Judging to clubs and events.

Course Prerequisites

To be re-accredited as an Australian Sailing Protest Committee Member, you are required to:

  • Be a member of an Australian Sailing affiliated club, AND
  • Update your personal details  ensuring you are visible on the Australian Sailing Officials Finder (CLICK HERE for a guide). This will enable clubs, other officials and orgasnising authorities to engage with you and offer collaboration opportunities in relation to your qualification. Your contact details will not be disclosed.
  • Read and undrestand the Racing Rules Updates document.
  • REGISTER in the Protest Committee Member Re-accreditation Course (This action informs Australian Sailing that you have completed the previous requirements. Registrtation does not require you to complete any further study or training).

Upon completion of all requirements you will be processed by Australian Sailing and reaccredited for another four years in the national database as a Protest Committee Member. Once processed, your qualification can be viewed from the qualifications section of your MySailor profile.

Course Price

This is a free course provided by Australian Sailing.

Who should do this course?

This course is for anyone looking to reaccredit their Protest Committee Member qualification and continue to volunteer as an official at Club, Inter-Club and State level events.

Course Outcome

Participants will become re-accredited as a Protest Committee Member; Club members who are able to take part in a club level protest.

All Officials accreditations may take up to 30 day to process from the time training is completed.

If you have any further queries regarding the online Protest Committee Member Reaccreditation Online Course, please contact Australian Sailing via .

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