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Umpire - National Level Re-accreditation Course

Recommended length
12 hours

Course Overview

The National Umpire Re-accreditation Seminar is aimed at updating Australian Sailing members in advanced principles to conduct Teams or Match Racing Championships and mentor Club and State level Umpires. National Umpires play an important role in sailing by enabling higher level competition through assisting the regatta planning process, leading umpiring teams and making quality on-water calls at championship events.

To become re-accredited as an Australian Sailing National Umpire you are required to:

  • Be a member of an Australian Sailing affiliated club.
  • Pass the Umpire Exam with a National level score or more.
  • Provide a log showing you have acted as an Umpire in four or more National level Teams or Match racing events (or three State and Two National events), or
  • Attend an Australian Sailing National Umpire Seminar, or
  • Complete an Umpires Performance Assessment.

If you wish to re-accredit via submitting prior evidence that meets the above requirements please complete the Club Umpire Re-accreditation Application Form. When completing the form please upload any Word, Excel or other documents in PDF format.

Registration at the top of this page allows you to enrol in an available Accreditation Seminar.

Attendees are asked to bring to the seminar:

Course Prerequisites

Currently Qualified as an Australian Sailing National Umpires.

Course Price

The cost of the seminar is $150.00 (The Officials polo is no longer provided).

Who should do this course?

This course is for anyone looking to reaccredit their National Umpires qualification and continue to volunteer as an official at Club,State and National level events.

Course Outcome

Participants will become accredited as a National Umpire; an individual capable of being an Umpiring Team Leader, with an in depth knowledge of all facets of the game.

If you have further queries regarding this course please contact your Club Support Officer.

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