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Club Affiliation Fees 2018-21

Club Affiliation Fees


In mid-2017, an AS committee was established to review affiliation fees across all the States and territories. The committee included representatives from state associations and also Australian Sailing.

The objective of this review was to devise a new fee structure that harmonised the various state systems and ensure like sized Clubs across the country were making an equitable contribution when compared to peer Clubs.

The States agreed to adopt the new fee structure, which is broadly based on the Victorian banding model. Implementation commenced in July 2018.

Banding model

The banded model is based on apportioning a predefined total fee across all ~350 clubs.  A club is then allocated to one of 22 bands according to the criteria outlined below. The steps between the fees attached to each band are sufficiently large in order to minimise movement of clubs between bands. If a club grows, it will not be penalised or re-assesed during the 3 year initial phase of this structure. If a club faces severe hardship, it has the ability to seek a review of its fees (details below). 

The bands are split into two categories, based on meeting at least two out of three criteria:

1. Professional club management

2. > $100,000 total revenue

3. > 200 total members

Clubs that meet two out of three criteria fall into Category A (bands 1- 12) use an “implied fee” calculation to derive an objective measure which assists in allocating a club to a band. There are approximately 70 clubs in Category A and they are requested to supply membership income and total revenue data to assist with this process.

All other clubs (approx. 280) are allocated to Category B (bands 13- 22). Membership data is used as the guiding measure and forms the basis of allocating clubs to bands in this category. 

Club Fee Determination process


2020-21 Club Affiliation Fees

All fees include GST

Category A     Category B
Band Fee Band Fee
1 $128,268 13 $8,551
2 $90,602 14 $6,922
3 $76,859 15 $5,599
4 $64,134 16 $4,276
5 $53,445 17 $3,156
6 $40,720 18 $2,647
7 $32,067 19 $2,138
8 $29,013 20 $1,527
9 $24,432 21 $1,018
10 $19,342 22 $611
11 $14,761
12 $11,707


The Australian Sailing board has agreed to apply a one-off 50% discount to the fees in the above table for the 20/21 year.


Fee Reviews

A process has been developed to address club requests for a fee review in a nationally consistent manner. Reviews will be considered for one of two reasons- financial hardship or perceived misallocation to a band. Submissions with be considered by Australian Sailing with input from the Regional Manager, a state representative and any other party that AS considers may be relevant to the review. All clubs have the right to appeal if they do not agree with the decision.

Who can request an review?

1. A review based on hardship can only be made by the affected club.

2. A review for band mis-allocation can be made by a club who feels they have been unfairly allocated or by another club who feels a peer club has been mis-allocated.  If this is third party initiated, please contact your Regional Manager in the first instance.

A Club that wishes to make a submission to have a peer club’s Band allocation reviewed is required to include the following information:

  • Detailed submission explaining why it believes the Band allocation is not equitable
  • The clubs proposed solution

Clubs requesting a review will need to make a submission via the online form below. The following information is required:

• Detailed submission explaining why the Club believes its fee is not equitable

• Whether the Club is requesting temporary relief (due to financial hardship) or a change of band

• The clubs proposed solution

• 2 x years of financial statements (profit & loss and balance sheet) as provided to members (including all related club entities); and current year to date management accounts.

• 3 x years of membership data (including membership categories)



Affiliation Fee notice September 2020