National Sailing Participation Census 2017

Earlier this year, Australian Sailing undertook its second National Participation Census, an important initiative providing insights into how many people are sailing across the country, both on a regular basis as well as those who have been on the water only a handful of times in the past 12 months.

All Clubs and Class Associations were invited to partake in the Census, as well as known schools with sailing programs from around the country.  Results from Clubs were scaled, based on their membership numbers, to provide national results.

Following on from the inaugural study which was completed in 2015, there have been positive signs of growth with a large increase in the number of people who have sailed at least three times in the year.  Overall there were more than 275,000 people who participated in an organised sailing activity in the past 12 months, whether as a regular sailor or someone who took part on less than three occasions.

More than one third of our participants are aged under 18 with a larger percentage of males across the board.  Nationally there are 11,623 active support personnel of which 10,269 were volunteers and 99% of Committee and Board members are voluntary.

This information allows Australian Sailing to:

  • Plan for the changing dynamics of the population;
  • Develop strategies to compete with other sports;
  • Support planning and resource allocation for services to Clubs and Classes;
  • Attract funding and support form Governments and other organisations;
  • Provide Clubs and Classes with data to assist in their own planning

Data is also provided to the Australian Sports Commission to support its application for participation funding.

The Participation Census is focused entirely on measuring the scale and distribution of the sport to support planning, resource allocation and the attraction of funding from Government or other potential sponsors.  Individual Club or Class Association information will not be used to determine any fees or charges.

The Australian Sailing Participation Census 2017 – National Overview can be viewed here

A copy of the 2015 census results was distributed to clubs in March 2016 and a copy can be accessed here.