Online Services

Administrator Resources: myClub & myClass

Database Access:

1 Editing Organisation Details How to add/edit organisational details (e.g. email)
2 Editing Organisation Contacts How to add/edit organisational contacts and roles
3 Editing Organisation Locator How to add/edit organisation location

4 Adding Members to a Database How to add a member to Club/Class database
5 Resolving Duplicate Member Records How to fix potential duplicate member profiles
6 Editing Member Details How to add/edit member details
7 Editing Member Records How to add/edit member records
8 Adding a Photo to a Member Record How to add/change member profile photo
9 Registering Members to a Season How to register members to a season
10 Managing the Field Configuration How to edit field settings

11 Setting up Member Record Types How to create/edit member record types
12 Setting up Products How to create/edit products
13 Creating Custom Fields How to add/edit custom fields
14 Setting up Membership Registration Forms How to create/edit member registration forms
15 Managing Conditional Fields How to set up conditional fields
16 Managing Conditional Products How to set up conditional products
17 Communicator Tool How to mange communication to Club/Classes
18 Creating Events How to set up/edit events
19 Accessing Registration Forms How to access registration forms

20 Configuring Online Payment System How to configure the online payment system
21 Managing Payment Refunds How to manage payment refunds

22 Creating Member Reports How to create/edit member reports
23 Managing Saved Reports How to mange saved reports

24 Experience Functionality How to set up programs (Standard Guide)
25 Experience Functionality How to set up programs (Quick Guide)


Frequently Asked Questions

Access & Logins
Member Data
Finance & Payments
Support & Training


1. Why do club members have to be registered in the Australian Sailing system?
AS recognises an individual's membership of your club by issuing a Australian Sailing Number. The Australian Sailing Number provides proof of current club membership which is important for:

  • Any sailor wanting to prove compliance with rule 46 (helming) or rule 56 (crewing)
  • Currency of the personal accident insurance policy provided through AS to club members

AS recognises an individual's membership of your club based on the Australian Sailing season (October 1 – September 30). They are current from the date you enter them in the national database system (MyClub) until the 30th of September each year.

2. Who are Sports Technology Group (STG)?
STG is one of Australia’s leading providers of information technology and communication systems to National and State sporting bodies, associations and sports clubs. They are partnered with Fox Sports and backed by News Ltd. For further information please visit their website HERE.

3. When do I have to gather all the information on our members?
You can add members as required at any time throughout the membership year. Click HERE for further details about 2017/18 Member Registration key dates and how to register/renew members in the database.

4. Can Family Memberships be set up in the STG system?
Yes. Administrators can set-up Member Record Types for Family Memberships, however each member will need to be individually registered. The STG Membership system also allows for Family-based discounts to be set up via the system using Multiple Pricing. Please view the relevant section in the training guides above to find out how to set up Family-based discounts.

Access & Logins

1. How do I sign up for STG?
All database and website administrators must have an STG account. If you need to sign up for STG, simply register by clicking this LINK.
Once you have registered you need to ensure that you verify your account via the registration confirmation email.

2. How can I gain access to the system?
To gain administration access to use the systems you will need to complete the online SYSTEM ACCESS FORM.

3. When can members be updated for the new season (2017/18)?
Members can be updated for the 2017/18 season in the system from July 1 2017.

4. How much does it cost to use the system?
Nothing. There is no cost to use the system. The only cost that will be incurred is the transaction fee for online payments received through the system. The online transaction fee is 3.9% for Credit Cards and 2.7% for PoliPay (EFT).

5. I don't know my username and/or password, what do I do?
Your username will be your email address. If you have forgotten your password simply click the forgotten password link on the STG SIGN IN page to receive a link in your email to re-set your password. STG accounts are for system administrators only.

6. Who can access member information?
Only authorised Club/Class Administrators, State Association staff and Australian Sailing staff can access member information.

7. My club needs more than one administrator. Can I add another administrator?
Yes. Multiple administrators can be given access. A request needs to be submitted via the SYSTEM ACCESS FORM and an additional administrator will be inserted.

8. How can I view/edit a members username and/or password?
Primary email will be a members username. Access to Passwords will not be possible due to Privacy. A member will need to reset their Password by entering their email via a "Forgot Password" facility on the STG SIGN IN page in order to reset their Password.

Member Data

1. Will Club members still receive Silver Cards?
Silver Cards will no longer be sent to club members. Members will be able to login to their MySailor profile and download a printable version of their Silver Card.

2. What member information is mandatory?
The following member information needs to be listed in order to add or update a member record:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • DOB
  • Gender
  • Postcode
  • Email

3. Will STG have access to member data and will they be able to communicate to members?
No. STG will not use any member data or communicate with any members. The only way someone will receive communications from STG is if they have an STG account and have opted in to receive specific communications from STG.

Finance & Payments

1. Is there a fee for online transactions through the STG system?
There is a 3.9% fee for Credit Card transactions and 2.7% fee for PoliPay (EFT) payments through the online system. These fees can be passed on to the person making the payment (user pays) or absorbed by the organisation receiving the payment (inclusive). The flow of payments through the STG system is as follows:


2. How can I set up online payments through the STG system?
Follow the above guide: Configuring Online Payment System 

3. Do we have to set up online payments in order to use the system?
No. You can use the system regardless of whether or not you have set up online payments for your organisation, however we encourage you to set-up the online payments facility to provide members with an option to pay online if they wish to do so.

4. Who receives the money from the transaction fee?
The money from the transaction fee is split between STG and the provider of the payment gateway - National Australia Bank (NAB). Australian Sailing and the State and Territory Associations do not receive any money from the transaction fee.

5. Can we process refunds through the system?
No. Refunds cannot be processed through the system. You will have to arrange refunds outside of the STG system and notify users of your refund policy via your terms and conditions.

6. Can I send invoices to members through the STG system?
No. The STG system does not provide the facility to send invoices. Members can register via an online registration form and if they choose to pay online, the member will receive a tax receipt once the payment has been processed.

Support & Training

1. Who do I contact if I require help using the system?
If you require assistance using the system please contact the Australian Sailing or STG.

2. How do I use the system?
Refer to the above training guides.

3. What training is available?
Face to face training sessions are available upon request. For more information about attending a training session please contact