Under 18 Leadership Workshop

Confident Communicators and Leadership Workshop for Women and Girls in Victoria

Last weekend, 40 women and girls from a range of sailing Clubs across Victoria took part in a Women and Girls Leadership Workshop at Sandringham Yacht Club, funded by the Australian Sports Commission.

Australian Sailing and the Women and Girls in Sailing Committee were delighted to have engaged a highly respected trainer, performance coach, speaker and author Carol Fox (President of Women Sport Australia) to facilitate the two workshops one which was aimed for girls under 18 years of age.

These workshops were designed to help women and girls improve their communication and leadership skills in a fun and interactive way and provide them the confidence and skills to return to their respective sailing Clubs and take on leadership positions or become their Sailing Club’s Women and Girls Representative.

The workshops were a great success as shown by the feedback received from the course participants;

"A great workshop! Thanks!! 🙂 Definitely a worthwhile workshop, highly recommend it!"

"Thank you.  This has been fantastic! Well presented, engaging and well worth while."

"Great fun day.  Full of helpful tips for everyday life as well as in sailing and at home."

"Thank you for the day. S o very interesting with tools to take away and use in many situations and experiences."

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