National Officiating Program Overview

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The National Officiating Program (NOP) has been developed to provide a clear and consistent pathway for volunteer officials in the sport of sailing.

The officiating streams within Australian Sailing are split into the following:

  • Judge
  • Measurer
  • Race Officer
  • Umpire

Accreditation is handled directly by Australian Sailing without the need for any race official committee or board sign off for any level. The only occasion in which additional consideration from Australian Sailing is required is when an applicant wishes to be assessed for Recognition of Prior Learning. Australian Sailing can also facilitate the sitting of exams and the presentation of seminars. Accredited officials can act independently as assessors and do not require further appointment to assist with this role. Visit the Become an Official page for full NOP details, policies, assessments and application forms.

In early 2009 the policies were updated to include recognition of prior learning. This enables those who have undertaken relevant training elsewhere, or those with extensive experience to apply to have those experiences recognized in their application.

Each officiating stream is split into Club, State, National and International as shown above. A broad guideline as to the experience or general characteristic of an official at this level is detailed below.

Club accreditation is used to recognise somebody that has attended an Australian Sailing sanctioned course or has been nominated by their affiliated club. Their continued participation in the sport is very important. They should be encouraged to continue their involvement with the sport and be shown how they can progress.

State accreditation is used to recognise somebody that has achieved more than just attendance to a course or nomination from their club. A State qualified official may have considerable sailing or officiating experience not just at their own club. This is recognised with this formal qualification. Competitors accept that these people are skilled amateur volunteers.

National accreditation is used to recognise an official that has chosen the route of officiating as their way of progressing through the sport. A National official will have met the stringent criteria for officiating in their stream. Competitors will expect a high level of expertise from these officials.

International accreditation is administered by World Sailing, however, it is important to recognise that there is another level of accreditation above National and the role and functions that International level officials provide.

Contact Australian Sailing directly for further details about training and accreditation.