Class Associations

Class-based sailing forms the backbone of activity at a vast majority of clubs.

Class associations represent the interests of a particular type of boat that can range from organising competitions, working with clubs, communications, building of boats, maintenance of moulds and upholding rules through a system of measurement controls.

Class associations are diverse and cover all types of sailing from windsurfing to catamarans, dinghies and yachts and caters for ‘open’ classes that encourage development through to strict ‘one design’ classes with narrow tolerances. Some are sailed locally in small numbers through to international and Olympic classes that are sailed worldwide.

Affiliation with Australian Sailing

Commencing with the 2017/18 financial year, the way classes are affiliated with Australian Sailing (AS) will be changing, with state based affiliation requirements removed. Key points to note are:

  • Only one entity per class is required to affiliate with AS
  • Only one fee is payable per class
  • Minimum affiliation requirements have been simplified
  • Services available to classes standardised
  • Liability insurance accessible to affiliated classes that covers all related state classes

To be affiliated, classes must have the minimum affiliation requirements below:

  • National Class Association that represents all related States or fleets
  • Only one State/ fleet association will be recognised as a proxy if no national body exists
  • Constitution
  • Incorporated Association
  • Keep class office bearers registration current
  • Representative team selection policies to follow AS guidelines and be approved by AS

By reviewing and redefining the services provided, we are aiming to have stronger classes, clearer lines of communications, lower costs and collection of data that helps with decision making and reporting.

Summary of benefits of affiliation:

  • Assistance with sourcing jury and race officers for major events
  • Approval of national level jury applications (removes right of appeal)
  • Review race documentation (Notices of Race and Sailing Instructions)
  • Training of Measurers through Australian Sailing and World Sailing courses
  • Approval of Championships
  • Access to whole of class liability insurance ($10m or $20m options)
  • Support for Funding and Grant applications (ie letters of endorsement)
  • Coat of Arms approval
  • Access to class websites
  • List of affiliated classes on AS website
  • Access to myClass database
  • Issue and securely store measurement forms

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