Australian Sailing Alumni

The Australian Sailing Team Alumni Program will commence in 2018 to acknowledge the legacy and history of Olympic and Paralympic class sailing in Australia, as well as recognise those athletes who have achieved the Australian Sailing Team standard since its establishment in 2006.

Every athlete who has represented Australia at either an Olympic Class World Sailing Championship, IYRU Women’s World Championship, Olympic Games or Paralympic Games prior to 2006 and achieved a Top 10 performance, as well as those athletes who qualified for the Australian Sailing Team post 2006, will now receive a uniquely numbered Pin to commemorate their achievement.


In order to be eligible, athletes must either have:

  •       Competed for Australia in an Olympic boat class1 at a World Championship, IYRU Women’s World Championship or Paralympic World Championship and placed Top 10 at that event
  •       Competed for Australia at the Olympic or Paralympic Games in sailing
  •       Achieved Australian Sailing Team (AST) status in an Olympic boat class following its inception in 2006

1 the boat class must have been a current Olympic boat class at the time of competing (ie Elliott 6m was only in for the 2012 Olympic Games, therefore someone who competed in this event outside the years of 2009-2012 would not be eligible)

Pin Presentations

Each Pin will be packaged into an individual case. Pins will be presented at various functions throughout 2018 including official events, regattas and other functions.

To date, there are 193 athletes who have been deemed eligible. Please see the list below.

Are you on the list?

Australian Sailing would like to connect with all athletes, or their family members, who are eligible. If you are on the list, think you should be or know of someone who you believe should be, please email your contact details to Contact prior to 28 February 2018 would be appreciated.

Year Class Event Name/s
1948 Star Olympic Games Alexander 'Jock' Sturrock
1948 Star Olympic Games  Len Fenton
1948 Firefly Olympic Games Robert French
1952 Dragon Olympic Games Doug Buxton
1952 Dragon Olympic Games Bevan Worcester
1952 Star Olympic Games Bart Harvey
1952 Star Olympic Games Kevin Wilson
1952 Finn Olympic Games Peter Attrill
1956 12m Sharpie Olympic Games Rolland 'Rolly' Tasker
1956 12m Sharpie Olympic Games Malcolm Scott
1956 5.5 Olympic Games Devereaux Mytton
1956 Dragon Olympic Games Graham Drane
1956 Dragon Olympic Games  Brian Carolan
1956 Dragon Olympic Games  James Carolane
1956 Star Olympic Games John Downey
1956 Finn Olympic Games Colin Ryrie
1958 Flying Dutchman Worlds Ian Palmer
1960 Finn Olympic Games Ron Jenyns
1960 5.5 Olympic Games David Bingham
1960 5.5 Olympic Games Ermest Wagstaff
1960 Dragon Olympic Games Harold Brooke
1960 Dragon Olympic Games Alan Cain
1960 Dragon Olympic Games John Coon
1962 Flying Dutchman Worlds Andrew White
1964 5.5 Olympic Games Bill Northam
1964 5.5 Olympic Games  Peter O'Donnell
1964 5.5 Olympic Games  James Sargeant
1964 Dragon Olympic Games Ian Quartermain
1964 Star Olympic Games Martin Visser
1964 Star Olympic Games Thomas Owens
1964 FLying Dutchman Olympic Games John Dawe
1964 Flying Dutchman Olympic Games Ian Winter
1965 5.5m Worlds Norman Booth
1968 Flying Dutchman Olympic Games Carl Ryves
1968 Dragon Olympic Games John Cuneo
1968 Dragon Olympic Games  Tom Anderson
1968 Dragon Olympic Games John Ferguson
1968 Star Olympic Games David Forbes
1968 Star Olympic Games  Richard Williamson
1968 5.5m Olympic Games William Solomons
1968 5.5m Olympic Games  Sir James Hardy
1968 5.5m Olympic Games Scott Kaufman
1969 Dragon Worlds Bradbary
1969 Dragon Worlds John Shaw
1970 Flying Dutchman Worlds Craig Whitworth
1970 Flying Dutchman Worlds Robert Miller. (Ben Lexcen)
1971 Finn Worlds John Bertrand
1972 Star Olympic Games John Anderson
1972 Flying Dutchman Olympic Games Mark Bethwaite
1972 Flying Dutchman Olympic Games Tim Alexander
1972 Tempest Olympic Games Gordon Ingate
1972 Tempest Olympic Games Rob Thornton
1972 Soling Olympic Games Ken Berkeley
1972 Soling Olympic Games Denis O'Niel
1976 470 Olympic Games Ian Brown
1976 470 Olympic Games  Ian Ruff
1976 Tornado Olympic Games Brian Lewis
1976 Tornado Olympic Games  Warren Rock
1976 Tornado Worlds Jim Dachtler
1976 Tempest Olympic Games Jorn Hellner
1976 Tempest Olympic Games  James Byrne
1978 Laser Womens Worlds Lyndall Patterson (nee Coxon)
1978 Laser Womens Worlds Vanessa Dudley
1978 420 Womens Worlds Addy Bucek
1978 420 Womens Worlds Sophie Bucek
1980 Finn Olympic Games Geoff Davidson
1980 470 Olympic Games Garry Gietz
1980 470 Olympic Games Greg Johns
1980 Flying Dutchman Olympic Games Glenn Bourke
1980 Tornado Olympic Games Barry Robson
1980 Soling Olympic Games Gary Sheard
1980 Soling Olympic Games Tim Dorning
1980 Star Olympic Games Peter O'Donnell
1980 Star Olympic Games Richard Coxon
1982 Star Worlds Colin Bate
1982 Soling Worlds William Packer
1982 Soling Worlds Ian McDiarmid
1982 Star Worlds Phil Baker
1983 Windsurfer Womens Worlds Sarah Kenny
1983 470 Womens Worlds Nicola Bethwaite
1983 470 Womens Worlds Jenny Lidgett
1984 Tornado Olympic Games Christopher Cairns
1984 WindGlider Olympic Games Greg Hyde
1984 Finn Olympic Games Chris Pratt
1984 Soling Olympic Games  Dean Gordon
1984 Flying Dutchman Olympic Games James Wilmot
1984 Flying Dutchman Olympic Games James Cook
1984 Star Olympic Games Colin Beashel
1984 470 Olympic Games Chris Tillett
1984 470 Olympic Games Richard Lumb
1984 Tornado Olympic Games Scott Anderson
1987 Star Worlds S.Leonard
1987 Mistral Board Womens Worlds Jessica Crisp
1988 Star Olympic Games  Greg Torpy
1988 470 Olympic Games  Karyn Gojnich
1988 Flying Dutchman Olympic Games Gary Smith
1988 Flying Dutchman Olympic Games David Connor
1988 Tornado Olympic Games Bradley Schafferius
1988 Tornado Olympic Games Roger Colman
1988 Soling Olympic Games Robert Wilmot
1988 Soling Olympic Games Glenn Read
1988 Soling Olympic Games Matthew Percy
1989 Tornado Worlds Allan Goddell
1989 Tornado Worlds Greg Cann
1990 Laser Radial Worlds Jacqueline Ellis
1992 Tornado Olympic Games Mitch Booth
1992 Tornado Olympic Games John Forbes
1992 Lechner Board Olympic Games Lars Kleppich
1992 Star Olympic Games David Giles
1992 Lechner Board Olympic Games Fiona Taylor
1992 Soling Olympic Games William Hodder
1992 Soling Olympic Games Michael Mottl
1992 Single Handed Olympic Games Christine Bridge
1995 Laser Radial Worlds Heidi Gordon
1996 Tornado Olympic Games  Andrew Landenberger
1996 Laser Olympic Games Michael Blackburn
1996 Finn Olympic Games Paul McKenzie
1996 Mistral Board Olympic Games Brendan Todd
1996 Mistral Board Olympic Games Natasha Sturgess
1996 470 Olympic Games Tom King
1996 470 Olympic Games Owen McMahon
1996 Soling Olympic Games Matt Hayes
1996 Soling Olympic Games Steve Jarvin
1996 Soling Olympic Games Steven McConaghy
1997 49er Worlds John Boyd
1997 Tornado Worlds Andrew Beashel
1999 49er Worlds Ed Smyth
1999 49er Worlds Teague Czislowski
1999 49er Worlds Emmett Lazich
2000 470 Olympic Games Mark Turnbull
2000 470 Olympic Games Jenny Armstrong
2000 470 Olympic Games Belinda Stowell
2000 Tornado Olympic Games  Darren Bundock
2000 49er Olympic Games Chris Nicholson
2000 49er Olympic Games Daniel Phillips
2000 Soling Olympic Games Nev Wittey
2000 Soling Olympic Games  David Edwards
2000 Soling Olympic Games  Joshua Grace
2000 Finn Olympic Games Anthony Nossiter
2000 Europe Dinghy Olympic Games Melanie Dennison
2000 Sonar Paralympics Jamie Dunross
2000 Sonar Paralympics Noel Robins
2000 Sonar Paralympics Graeme Martin
2000 2.4m Paralympics Peter Thompson
2002 2.4m Worlds Michael McLean
2004 Europe Dinghy Olympic Games Sarah Blanck
2004 49er Olympic Games Gary Boyd
2004 470 Olympic Games Nathan Wilmot
2004 470 Olympic Games Malcolm Page
2004 Yngling Olympic Games Kristen Kosmala
2004 2.4m Worlds Lachlan Gilbert
2005 Star Worlds Iain Murray
2005 Star Worlds Andrew Palfrey
2005 Yngling Worlds Helen Impey
2005 Finn Worlds Joshua Beaver
2006 Tornado AST Glenn Ashby
2006 49er AST Ben Austin
2006 470 AST Nick Behrens
2006 470 AST Mat Belcher
2006 Finn AST Brendan Casey
2006 Yngling AST Angela Farrell
2006 49er AST Nathan Outteridge
2006 470 AST Tessa Parkinson
2006 470 AST Elise Rechichi
2006 Laser AST Tom Slingsby
2006 RSX AST Allison Shreeve
2006 Yngling AST Krystal Weir
2009 Sonar AST Russell Boaden
2009 Skud 18 AST Rachael Cox
2009 Skud 18 AST Daniel Fitzgibbon
2009 Sonar AST Colin Harrison
2010 WMR AST Nina Curtis
2010 WMR AST Jessica Eastwell
2010 49er AST Iain Jensen
2010 WMR AST Olivia Price
2010 WMR AST Nicky Souter
2010 WMR AST Katie Spithill
2010 WMR AST Lucinda Whitty
2011 Skud 18 AST Ame Barnbrook
2011 Skud 18 AST Lindsay Mason
2012 Laser AST Ash Brunning
2012 Laser AST Tom Burton
2012 Sonar AST Stephen Churm
2012 Sonar AST Jonathan Harris
2012 Skud 18 AST Leisl Tesch
2013 2.4m AST Matt Bugg
2013 470 AST Will Ryan
2014 470 AST Sarah Cook
2014 Nacra 17 AST Jason Waterhouse
2014 Nacra 17 AST Lisa Darmanin
2014 49erFX AST Caitlin Elks
2014 Laser AST Matt Wearn
2015 Finn AST Jake Lilley
2016 470 AST Carrie Smith
2016 470 AST Jaime Ryan
2016 Finn AST Oliver Tweddell
2016 49er AST Sam Phillips
2016 49er AST Will Phillips
2016 Laser Radial AST Ashley Stoddart
2017 49er AST Joel Turner
2017 49er AST David Gilmour