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Discover Sailing Days are a great opportunity to showcase your Club and the sport of sailing to your local community.

Discover Sailing Days can be delivered as often as the Club wishes and depends on club availability and resources, and can be applicable to both keelboat and dinghy clubs. There will be a national campaign for the 2018 National Discover Sailing Day occurring on the 28th October, but clubs can set their own day, to suit their local needs.

Discover Sailing Day is FREE for all affiliated sailing clubs and FREE for participants. It’s a great day out for friends and family and lets the community know that sailing clubs are great places to spend time and sailing is a fun, safe, accessible sport that welcomes new participants.

Aims of Discover Sailing Day

  • To introduce people of all backgrounds, ages and ability to sailing as a fun, safe, accessible and affordable sport that can be enjoyed in a club environment that is welcoming and sociable.
  • Showcasing the sport and Clubs to people new to sailing in a way that engages them for future participation by meeting their expectations and encouraging them to do more.
  • Delivering a loud message that Clubs are open to membership and actively seeking new members.

Club involvement

  • Discover Sailing Days are free for all affiliated Clubs to participate.
  • Club Committee needs to endorse and support the Discover Sailing Day.
  • Existing Club members should be encouraged to get involved in a defined role, or as an advocate or promoter of the Discover Sailing Day to their friends, family and colleagues.
  • Boat owners should be encouraged to allow their boats to be used for short sails with an experienced sailor.
  • Discover Sailing Hosts are volunteers designated by the Club to assist with welcoming participants and providing information. This role can be involved in the organisation and delivery of the Discover Sailing Day.


  • Your Regional Australian Sailing Offices are key point of contact for your Club in developing a plan for Discover Sailing Day.
  • The National Discover Sailing Day is supported by the BIA, as part of their Discover Boating Week on 18 to 26 October. With a warm summer predicted and the heightened activity amongst the recreational marine industry, a big summer is expected for recreational boating.
  • Australian Sailing is providing an intro pack of free promotional materials to Clubs for the first registration of a Discover Sailing Day in 2017-18 season by your Club. This pack, which will be available from the Australian Sailing online shop under the 'Discover Sailing Merchandise' section, will include a quantity of posters, postcards and signage. These will be available in early September.
  • Discover Sailing website, provided by Australian Sailing, is the platform where Discover Sailing Day Programs set up by Clubs can be located by the public, allowing them to easily register online. Your local Australian Sailing Club Services Officer will be able to assist you in setting this program up on the myClub system, alternatively click here to express your interest in seeking some assistance in setting your Discover Sailing Day up on myClub.


  • Download the guide for clubs, that outlines the process involved for running a successful event.
  • Agree on the date – will you take part on 22nd October or an alternate date?
  • Register your event to appear on the Discover Sailing website – people interested in finding their local Club can find your registered event using your postcode.
  • Discover Sailing Days need to be registered and set-up via the Program functionality in the myClub system to appear on the Discover Sailing website, allowing the public to find your activity and register to participate. myClub administrators can use the online guide to set up a Discover Sailing Day Program that will appear on the Discover Sailing website. Participants must register online via the Program functionality prior to the Day or on the Day in order to be covered by the Australian Sailing Personal Accident Insurance Policy.
    • If required you can use paper forms provided below in the 'Club Resources' section - this could be useful in the event you are overcome by participants and/or technology fails you. It is important to input the participant details on to myClub within 48 hours of your event.
  • Volunteer Recruitment should start immediately after registering as a Host Club for a Discover Sailing Day. Begin assigning responsibilities to these volunteers.
  • Promote your Discover Sailing Day through local channels – local media, community groups, friends, schools, family and workmates.
  • In early-mid September - our aim will be to invite participating clubs to order the Discover Sailing Day collateral via the online shop.
  • Ensure you have known events, courses or experiences that you can promote on the Day - this will ensure further participation at your club.


  • Without follow-up from a Discover Sailing Day, the objective of the entire event will not be achieved. What are you going to do to re-engage with those who attended your Discover Sailing Day?
  • Using the list of participants who registered online, you can use the myClub communicator tool to re-engage with this group. Some follow-up suggestions are:
    • Promote specific upcoming courses at your, or a nearby Discover Sailing Centre.
    • Promote a further introduction to the sport, by having your, or a nearby Discover Sailing Centre, offer a 3-hr Experience. This can be for the Dinghy or Keelboat program.
    • Survey the participants as to what they want next - Is it a course? Is it to develop skills? Is it to make friends? Finding out the answers, will lead to what you offer next.
  • The key here is a timely re-engagement. If you run the Day on the 22nd October, then the follow-up offer should indeed be promoted during November-December. The more you can offer, the more likely there is something that will appeal to your audience.

Club Resources for Discover Sailing Day 

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DSD Collateral

Discover Sailing Day: How to run a successful Day video (Please note: Video contains outdated names, terminology and disregard reference to incorrect date)