Discover Sailing Club Implementation Guide

Australian Sailing is engaged in and committed to providing programs, and initiatives to assist clubs in attracting new participants to sailing – and retain members. The Discover Sailing Program was launched in 2012, based on the insights and recommendations of the gemba report, and the input from the State Associations and their clubs. The Discover Sailing Program is a comprehensive and long term strategy, with many components, relevant to clubs.

In 2013, Australian Sailing helped provide clubs with a detailed Implementation Guide, on how to effectively adopt and run the Program. Clubs were provided with monthly Chapters, presented via email, with a Powerpoint presentation, as well as supporting documents, videos, relevant case studies and suggestions for club committees to consider. Club officials received emails from Australian Sailing alerting them to the upcoming chapter released each month. There were 11 Chapters in total, and due to the scale of the Discover Sailing Program for clubs, they were distributed over the next 8 months, with 1-2 Chapters delivered per month.

The Discover Sailing Program is not compulsory, and clubs may adopt it to the extent they chose. It’s been professionally developed and is based on objective evidence of what Australians seek in their chosen sport.  The more clubs there are that embrace and promote the brand and program, the more effective it is likely to be in attaining consumer recognition – and action.

Australian Sailing is dedicated to ensuring clubs are equipped to encourage every Australian to Discover Sailing.

Club Services Officers welcome constructive feedback of Discover Sailing, providing Australian Sailing with guidance to positively develop and improve this program.

List of Chapters in the Discover Sailing Implementation Guide for Clubs and month of distribution:

March 1.(a) Introduction Program & Purpose
1(b). Planning & Prioritising
2. the gemba Report
Apr 3. Tackers
4. Sailability - Inclusion
May 5. Discover Sailing Days & Hosts
June 6. Discover Sailing Experiences & Courses
July 7. Safety, Risk Management and Member Protection
Aug 8. The Sailing Pathway
Sept 9. Club Promotion
Oct 10. Crewing
Nov 11. Measuring Results


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