This page is for Club Officials and members . Click here if you are new to sailing to find out more about Discover Sailing.

“Discover Sailing” as a brand name was systematically selected by the gemba market research from a range of other options currently being used by some states and countries. It represents the personality, values and attributes of a sport that has a diverse range of options to offer to people of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities. The word ‘sailing’ was preferred by Australians over yachting. ‘Discover’ conveys the exploration of the sport for those who have not previously been involved.

National Australian Sailing provides governance at an organisational level with Discover Sailing Centres dedicated to the programs and communications that attract participants to the sport through Clubs.
Clubs are encouraged to use and display the Discover Sailing logo. It can be used on their website as an access point to information for people interested in finding out more about the benefits of being involved at a Club, for both sailing and social purposes.

Only Australian Sailing accredited Discover Sailing Training Centres may use the Discover Sailing logo and name to promote  their courses.

The following items are available for downloading.

1.    Discover Sailing logo - JPG , EPS

2.    Discover Sailing Design Guidelines

3.    Key Program Communication Messages

Clubs are also encouraged to use the logo on their external signage, boats and other promotional activities.

Promotional materials and resources are available from the  Australian Sailing Online Shop
  • Banners
  • Posters
  • Brochures
  • Discover Sailing Host Badge
  • Polo and Long Sleeve Shirts
  • Promotional Discover Sailing DL Sticker

For an example of a club's use of Discover Sailing branding click here Club Promotion Case Study