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  • General Information

Australian Sailing provides a range of online systems and tools (myClub, myClass, myCentre and myWebsite) for affiliated Clubs and Class Associations as well as accredited Discover Sailing Centres to manage membership, events, courses and other processes. The provider of these online systems has recently changed to RevolutioniseSPORT (revSPORT). There is no additional cost (other than transaction fees for payments taken online) to use the online systems, as long as relevant Australian Sailing affiliation or accreditation fees have been paid.


The membership management system, myClub, allows affiliated clubs to:

Enter members into the national database. As part of affiliation with Australian Sailing, clubs are required to register/renew members in myClub each season. This ensures that members are covered by the Personal Accident Insurance policy and also abide by Racing Rule of Sailing 46 for person in charge and crew members. As well as managing membership and member details, myClub allows clubs to communicate (email & SMS) with members and report on key membership information.

myClub can provide a range of benefits for clubs, including:

  • Time saving: No double-handling of member data each season. Clubs can set up online registration forms in myClub that allow members to register/renew directly to the national database.
  • National promotion: Club information can be promoted on the Club Finder tool for people to find your club.
  • No more paperwork: Online registration forms mean no need for time consuming paper forms.
  • Online payment: Members can pay any fees online via credit card or PayPal. No cash = reduced risk of fraud and time saved managing club accounts.
  • Reporting: All membership information, including transaction details can easily be reported on via the reporting functionality available in the system.
  • Training and support: Full training and support is provided, either; online, via phone/webinar or in person from Australian Sailing and revSPORT.
  • SMS or email communications: Administrators can communicate with all members or specific member groups directly through myClub.


The course management system, myCentre, allows accredited Discover Sailing Centres to:

Create courses and add course participants, then mark course participants as complete when courses have been successfully completed. Centres are required to carry out these tasks in accordance with the Operating Standards & Guidelines set out in the annual accreditation process.

myCentre can provide a range of benefits for centres, including:

  • National promotion: Courses set up in myCentre will be promotedon the national Course Finder for the public to search for and register to.
  • Time saving: If courses are run regularly, centres only have to add the course once. This initial course can be used as a template to create future courses.
  • Non-Australian Sailing courses: All courses can be run through a single system i.e. First Aid courses.
  • Minimise paperwork: Once courses have been added to myCentre, students can register for the courses online.
  • Online payment: Participants can pay for the courses online, completely removing the administration of taking registrations and payments manually.
  • SMS or email communications: Administrators can communicate with participants through myCentre via email and SMS.
  • Participant insurance: Once participants have been registered to an accredited Australian Sailing course in myCentre they are covered by Personal Accident Insurance for 3 months following the course completion date.
  • Registration lists: Participant lists can easily be printed from the system ready for your instructors to use.
  • Professional electronic certificates: Certificates can be easily sent to participants via email.
  • Feedback: Surveys sent with course completion notifications gather valuable feedback on your courses for continuous improvement.
  • Full records: Information of who has attended your courses can be easily accessed, creating a database to use to promote future opportunities.


The website platform, myWebsite, allows affiliated clubs and class associations as well as accredited centres to:

Leverage the standard revSPORT website template and designs to create a customised website linked seamlessly with the membership and event/course database.

Website functionality includes:

  • Integrated membership registration form
  • Event/course calendar with related registration links
  • News feed
  • Photo galleries
  • Sponsor widgets
  • Website analytics

In the first instance, please contact your Australian Sailing Club Services Officer for support in the use of the online systems.

The Australian Sailing Online Services department can also provide assistance if your Club Services Officer is unavailable:


  • revSPORT: New System Information

Australian Sailing has recently moved the provision of the online systems to a new provider: RevolutioniseSPORT (revSPORT). The functionality available in the revSPORT system allows for an enhanced user experience. New administrators can learn the key aspects of the system in a short space of time and perform key administration tasks.

Features and benefits of the revSPORT system include:


  • One National Member ID (Australian Sailing Number)  linked to a member profile with all membership and course/qualification history.
  • Unlimited additional information fields to allow clubs to collect any details about members and event/course participants.
  • Duplicate record prevention & management.

Events & Courses:

  • Easily set up events with or without registration and payment enabled.
  • Link events to course templates. Accredited Discover Sailing Centres can set up and manage courses and course participants can easily be made members of a club where a centre is part of an affiliated club.
  • Events can display on a calendar module.
  • Events linked to course templates can be displayed on the national Course Finder, allowing centre courses to be promoted nationally.


  • Competitive Transaction Fee: 2% + $1.60 per transaction.
  • Online transactions are automatically recorded against members profiles.
  • In addition to the online payment methods, system administrators have the ability to generate and send invoices.
  • Easy reconciliation of all invoices payments - online and offline.
  • Refunds can be processed directly from the revSPORT database if a payment has been made online.
  • Easily export transaction reports to MYOB or Xero via preset options in the reporting tool.


  • Easily send email or SMS communication to members, event participants, course participants or any group within a database.


  • There are a range of governance tools in the revSPORT system, including:
    • Task management
    • Asset (boat) booking
    • Incident reporting
    • Injury tracking
    • Meeting management


  • The website linked to the revSPORT system allows clubs, class associations and centres to leverage the standard revSPORT website template and designs to create their own customised website linked seamlessly with the database. Examples of revSPORT websites:


  • Comprehensive reporting tools are available in the revSPORT system to allow reports to be generated on all data collected.
  • Reports can be outputted as a CSV or PDF file.


  • FAQ

Access & Logins
Member Data
Finance & Payments
Support & Training

FAQ: General

1. Why do club members have to be registered in the myClub?

Australian Sailing recognises an individual's membership of an affiliated club by issuing an Australian Sailing Number. Registered current members of affiliated clubs will:

Clubs have the ability to set up their own season start and end date. Therefore to leverage the above benefits, members must be registered and current in a club membership season in the revSPORT database.

FAQ: Access & Logins

1. How can administrators gain access to the system?
To gain access to the revSPORT system, an administrator needs to complete the online system access form.  After an initial administrator has been provided with access they can grant access to additional administrators as required.

2. How much does it cost to use the systems?
Nothing. There is no additional cost to using the online systems, as long as relevant Australian Sailing affiliation or accreditation fees have been paid. There is a transaction fee for online payments processed through the system. The online transaction fee is 2% + $1.60 per transaction.

3. Who can access member information?
Only authorised club, class association or centre administrators and Australian Sailing staff can access member information.

4. Can the system have multiple administrators?
Yes. Multiple administrators can be given access to a database.

FAQ: Member Data

1. What member information is mandatory?
The following member information must be entered in order to add or update a member record:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Postcode
  • Email

2. Will revSPORT have access to member data and will they be able to communicate to members?
No. revSPORT will not use any personal data or communicate with any people registered in the system. The only way someone will receive communications from revSPORT is if they have opted in to receive specific communications from revSPORT or if they have lodged an inquiry to the revSPORT support service.

3. How secure is data in the revSPORT system?
revSPORT use industry standard security practices such as:

  • Backups twice daily
  • Restricted staff have access to customer data
  • Staff have WWC and Police check
  • SSL encryption

FAQFinance & Payments

1. Is there a fee for online transactions through the system?
The online transaction fee is 2% + $1.60 per transaction. The fee can be passed on to the person making the payment or absorbed by the organisation receiving the payment.

2. Do online payments need to be collected in the revSPORT system?
No. Administrators can use the system regardless of whether or not they have set up online payments. However we encourage administrators to set up the online payment facility to provide members with an option to pay online if they wish to do so. Furthermore, the system can generate automated reconciliations for online transactions that leads to time saving and efficiency.

3. Who receives the money from the transaction fee?
The money from the transaction fee is split between revSPORT and the provider of the payment gateway - Pin Paymnets. Australian Sailing do not receive any money from the transaction fee. Transaction fee composition:

  • 2% of the transaction amount + $0.60 to Pin Payments (payment gateway provider)
  • $1.00 to revSPORT

4. Can administrators process refunds through the system?
Yes. Refunds can be processed through the system for payments made online through the system. Please view the relevant section in the support guides below for further information.

5. Can administrators send invoices to members through the system?
Yes. Invoices can be generated and sent to members or course/event participants who choose not pay online at the time of registration. Invoices can be paid via the online system or another available method.

FAQ: Support & Training

1. Who to contact for assistance in using the system?
If you require assistance using the system please contact Club Services Officer in the first instance. The Australian Sailing Online Services department can also provide assistance if your Club Services Officer is unavailable:

2. How to use the system?
Refer to the system support section below for support guides on how to perform specific tasks in the system.

3. What training is available?
Face to face and online training sessions (via webinar) available upon request. For more information about attending a training session please contact your Club Services Officer.


  • System Support

When accessing the revSPORT system for the first time, administrators are encouraged to refer to the Quick Start Guide. By completing the items outlined in the Quick Start Guide the system can be set up ready to perform key tasks.

The revSPORT help desk can be accessed by administrators from within the revSPORT portal. When logged in, administrators can select the 'help' option in the top right-hand corner of the page. The help centre contains support articles and videos as well as a link to submit support tickets directly to revSPORT.

To view support guides on how to perform specific tasks in the revSPORT system please review the tables below.

1 Task Support Guide
 1.01 Adding/editing basic organisation details and settings, including;

  • Organisation contacts and roles (Commodore etc.)
  • Organisation location
  • Organisation logo
 1.02 Adding an administrator

2 Task Support Guide
 2.01 Setting up membership categories (payment classes) and registration fees
 2.02 Setting up additional registration add-on's e.g. boat storage fees, donations etc.  Coming Soon
2.03 Adding additional (custom) membership fields
 2.04 Setting your Terms of Registration (Terms & Conditions)  Coming Soon
 2.05 Adding or renewing a member
2.06 Configuring the membership registration form
2.07 Editing member details
 2.08 Searching for members in a database Coming Soon
2.9 Merging duplicate member profiles
 2.10 Creating membership reports
 2.11 Bulk member import  Coming Soon
 2.12 Communicating with members (email & SMS)  Coming Soon
 2.13 Creating a group and adding members Coming Soon

3 Task Support Guide
 3.01 Setting up an event
 3.02 Setting up a course
 3.03 Managing course officials (instructors)  
 3.04  Marking course participants as complete  
 3.05  Event/course reporting

4 Task Support Guide
 4.01 Setting up revSPORT for payments  
4.02 Processing refunds through for payments received online via revSPORT
 4.03 Setting up discount codes
 4.04 Reconciling manual invoices Coming Soon
 4.05 Setting up payment plans (part payment) Coming Soon
 4.06 Enabling NSW Active Kids vouchers (NSW Only) Coming Soon

5 Task Support Guide
 5.01 Activating the revSPORT website  
 5.02 Setting site design and theme Coming Soon
 5.03 Activating/deactivating website sections/pages Coming Soon
 5.04 Creating pages Coming Soon
 5.05 Editing pages Coming Soon
 5.06 Adding news articles Coming Soon
 5.07 Sharing site content Coming Soon


6 Task Support Guide
 6.01  Shop - online shop functionality in revSPORT Coming Soon
 6.02  Meetings - create and manage meetings Coming Soon
6.03  Bookings - create assets and manage bookings for assests e.g. club boats Coming Soon
6.04  Tasks - create and manage tasks Coming Soon
6.05  Incident reporting Coming Soon
 6.06  Injury reporting Coming Soon