New Coach Boat Arrives

Australian Sailing was lucky enough to be successful in a recent grant submission under the Facilities and Capital Expenditure (FACE) grant program with the NT Government.  Funds were used to replace the old YNT Coach Boat, the old boat was sold to the DSC and should reappear as part of the DSC fleet shortly.  The new boat was purchased through Nautical Supplies and landed in May 2018 after much anticipation.  It will be utilised to run Australian Sailing coaching programs and events along with assisting in hosting larger National & International events that come to Darwin.

The boat was named Gary Martin in acknowledgement of the years that Gary has invested in our sport.  Among other things Gary has been the President of YNT for the last 21yrs, he is a Life Member of the DSC and has dedicated a huge amount of time and energy into advocating & representing sailing in the NT.  A beautiful Dry Season day and the DSC annual Opening Day provided a fantastic opportunity to name the boat with Life Members, Government Officials and the NT Administrator all present.  Gary got a great surprise thanks to the efforts of many to ensure that the cat was not let out of the bag early.  With the Dry Season finally here we hope to see the boat in action on the water.

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