Welcome to myCentre

myCentre is an online student data management tool provided to Australian Sailing Accredited Centres by Australian Sailing.

In order to gain access to myCentre you must be an accredited Discover Sailing Centre. Further details of this are available from your State Association.

By using myCentre, Discover Sailing Centres receive a whole range of benefits:

  • Ability to load all courses to the database. All of your course details can be set up in myCentre, including time, venue, equipment requirements, and pre-requisites to the course etc.
  • National advertising. Courses will be advertised on the Discover Sailing website and your state associations website, for the public to search for and register on.
  • Time saving. If you run regular courses you only have to add the course once, you can then use this as a template and copy the course.
  • Ability to load other non-Australian Sailing courses you may be hosting i.e first aid courses.
  • No more paperwork. Once courses have been added to myCentre, students can register for the courses online. Automatic registration emails can also be set up and tailored to the courses.
  • Online payment. Students can pay for the courses online, completely removing the administration of taking registrations and payments manually at your centre.
  • Communicate with your students at the touch of a button. Text or email your registered students via myCentre i.e to send a reminder text on the course details the day before.
  • Student insurance. Once students have been registered in an accredited Australian Sailing learn to sail or powerboat course in myCentre they are covered by personal accident insurance. This insurance applies to the student when they are completing the relevant course and for 3 months following the course completion date. Therefore you can promote additional sailing opportunities to them at your centre, including insurance coverage, at no extra cost.
  • Registration lists. Student lists can easily be printed from the system ready for your instructors to use.
  • Professional electronic certificates sent to students who complete your courses. Once your students have been marked as complete they will receive an electronic certificate of completion. This will also show on their mySailor record so they have a permanent record of the courses they have completed.
  • Ability to access feedback on your courses for continuous improvements. Every student who completes a course at your centre has the ability to complete a course satisfaction survey to aid you to continuously develop your centre and the services you provide.
  • Full records of who has attended your courses in the past can be easily accessed, creating a database for the centre to use to promote future opportunities.

Using myCentre ensures compliance with Australian Sailing Discover Sailing Centre Operating Standards and Guidelines.

The myCentre database is fully privacy compliant, regularly backed up and customer records are not accessible to other Clubs or Centres

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