Coat of Arms

Application for Obtaining Permission for Use of the Australian Coat of Arms

The Commonwealth Coat of Arms is the pre-eminent mark of Commonwealth authority. Its use, with a few limited exceptions, is limited to the Commonwealth Parliament, the Government and the Federal Courts. However, since 1922, Australian representative national sporting teams participating in international competitions have been able to seek Commonwealth Government permission to display the Arms on their uniforms.

It is necessary to obtain permission from the Honours, Symbols and Territories Branch of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet to use the Australian Coat of Arms on a team uniform and any other support.

The request for permission MUST be submitted by Australian Sailing. Class Associations shall not contact the Government directly.

Australian Sailing must indicate their support of the request or permission will not be granted.

Application and approval Process

To request Permission for Use of the Australian Coat of Arms, please follow the steps below:

  1. A request for obtaining permission. It shall include the Form below and shall be submitted to Sailing Services.

Request Form

  1. Australian Sailing apply to the National Flag Branch Department as soon as the request from the Team has been received.

The request must be submitted 4 months before the event for it to be approved in time. The National Symbols Officer will determine whether the request should be approved; and

  1. Australian Sailing will receive the decision and forward it to the Class Association contact representative.

Only one contact by Class Association is required. It should be the person who made the request.

Australian Sailing Requirements:

  • National Class Associations must be affiliated to Australian Sailing for the current season
  • The request must be made by the National Class Association on behalf of its “Team”;
  • The request must be for an Australian “Team” at the Class World Championships;
  • The “Team” must have been selected through a published selection policy or recognised criteria;

For any Team selected by Australian Sailing, Australian Sailing will obtain permission for use of the Coat of Arms e.g. World Sailing Youth Worlds Team, World Sailing Games Team, World Sailing Teams Racing Worlds Team etc;

  • A Team/Crew that has been invited to compete in an international event (such as a World Championship) will also be considered.

For example World Sailing Women’s Match Racing, 420 Class World Championship or similar;

  • Only one contact by Class Association;
  • Provide the Team Form.

Important information:


Please send all completed forms to:

Australian Sailing - Sailing Services

Via email to

For further information about your class affiliation contact or visit