Keelboat Program

The National Keelboat Program is an exciting development for sailing in Australia. It provides a fun and accessible entry into sailing and gives participants further opportunity to improve and develop sailing skills and techniques.

The courses will equip you with the essentials required to safely sail a small boat without the fear of capsizing or getting wet! As your skills progress, you will also develop an understanding of each person's role and how teamwork plays a major part of being an effective crew.

You should come away with the knowledge and confidence to sail a small boat competently and for those that wish, you can progress to larger yachts or participate as crew on a racing yacht.

Discover Sailing Experience

The Discover Sailing Experience is a 3 hour sailing experience, in either a keelboat or dinghy at an accredited Discover Sailing Centre, without the technical elements of a course. It’s ideal for people wanting to have a go at sailing before enrolling in a course.

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Keelboat Courses

There are five different courses of the keelboat program on the Sailing Pathway. Click on any of the courses to find out more:

Step 1
The first step on the Keelboat pathway introduces you to the basics of sailing on a small boat, including boat handling, safety and sailing theory.
This course develops both your theory and practical skills to confidently take control on the helm.
Step 2
You will now advance your sailing skills and safety knowledge to enable you to skipper unsupervised in sheltered waters
Step 3
This course introduces you to the fun and challenge of using asymmetrical and symmetrical spinnakers.
You will now learn the basic racing rules, skills and tactics and gain an understanding of what is expected of a racing crew on a small boat.

Keelboat Instructors

If you are interested in becoming a keelboat instructor please visit the "Instructor" section of the website for more information or alternatively click here.