Dinghy Program

"Learn to Sail and Race a Dinghy or Catamaran"

Sailing a dinghy can be fun and exhilarating and this program has been developed to provide a safe introduction to dinghy sailing. If you would like to learn to sail, this is the place to start.
It is designed to teach participants how to sail, starting with the essential skills in the first course, "Start Sailing 1". More advanced skills and techniques are gradually introduced as students progress through the syllabus, so that by the end they will be ready to start racing at their local sailing club or just enjoy being out on the water. While it is not essential to start at the beginning, it will be harder to master the more advanced skills if students are not familiar with the basics.
For children aged 7-12 , there is a Dinghy Program called "Tackers" which has been specifically modified to suit the skill development of this age group. For more information on Tackers click here

Discover Sailing Experience

A Discover Sailing Experience is an approximate three-hour sailing experience at an accredited Discover Sailing Centre, without the technical detail of a course, for families, friends, or work colleagues. Having the chance to use the Centre’s social facilities is as much a part of the experience as is getting out on the water. 

Dinghy Courses

There are five progressive courses within the Dinghy Program on the Sailing Pathway.
Click on any of the courses below to find one near you:
Step 1 Find a Start Sailing 1 Course Your Discover Sailing journey starts here as you learn the fundamental skills of sailing and are introduced to the fun of dinghy sailing in a safe and supportive environment.
Find a Start Sailing 2 Course Your Discover Sailing journey continues as you further develop all of the fundamental dinghy sailing skills. You are now equipped to sail your dinghy on your own voyages of discovery.
Step 2 Find a Better Sailing Course Discover Sailing in stronger winds as you develop the skills required to get maximum speed from your dinghy. Your journey speeds up as you experience the thrill of trapezing and using a spinnaker.
Step 3 Find a Start Racing Course Your Discover Sailing journey now takes you to your local club/centre where you can join in the fun and challenge of competition as you learn the basics of racing.
Find a Better Racing Course Having enjoyed your introduction to racing it is now time to improve your performance and compete at a higher level. A greater understanding of tactics, wind patterns and boat tuning techniques will all help you get there.

Dinghy Instructors

If you have completed the dinghy courses, you may interested in becoming a Dinghy Instructor:
  • Click here to find a Dinghy Assistant Instructor course
  • Click here to find a Dinghy Instructor course