Operating Standards and Guidelines

Discover Sailing Centres are required to operate in accordance with the Australian Sailing Operating Standards and Guidelines and the latest version should always be referenced. The Operating Standards and Guidelines will be used during the Annual Review of your Centre, must be adhered to at all times to maintain accreditation as a Discover Sailing Centre.

Discover Sailing Centre's also need to be aware of changes that have occurred regarding federal laws, and specifically commercial boating activity. Please read the documents below to understand how these changes impact upon Discover Sailing Centres.

Operating Standards and Guidelines

The Law relating to Discover Sailing Centres

AMSA Guidance for Vessels

Keelboat Program Suitable Vessel Types

Centres should also have specific documentation which records what happens in practice, emphasising what is done to ensure Instructors and Customers are kept safe. Risk management procedures should be made available to all personnel. These documents will include:

1. Health and Safety Policy
2. Operating Procedures
3. Areas of Operation
4. Risk Assessments
5. Emergency Action Plan
6. Child Protection Policy
7. Staff Training and Qualifications
Guidelines and example documents for writing Operating Procedures and Health & Safety Policies, Risk Assessments & Child Protection Policies are available below.

How to write Operating Procedures

ISAF Sample Operating Procedure

Sample Safety Management and Operating Procedures