Safety and Sea Survival course outline

Overview The SSS course involves classroom presentations & learning activities, and practical exercises in the use of liferafts, inflatable lifejackets & distress flares.  Of 16 hrs duration the course is usually delivered over 2 full days and is facilitated by Safety & Sea Survival Instructors at approved training centres.  The maximum teaching ratio for this course is 20 students to 1 SSS Instructor (in the classroom) with a reduced ratio of 10:1 for pool sessions.  Practical exercises are usually conducted in heated public swimming pools, but may be conducted in clean and enclosed salt-water pools and Marinas providing the water is clean, the temperature is at least 15oC, and all associated risks have been managed.
Objectives To:  Provide all persons intending to go to sea, in sailing or motor yachts, whether cruising or racing, with skills and essential knowledge that will maximise their chances of survival in water or liferafts following a man overboard situation or vessel abandonment; and familiarise sailors with the latest personal and vessel safety equipment, its purpose, deployment, and most effective use; and present and discuss prevention and coping strategies for incidents and emergencies at sea
Outcomes The content of the World Sailing (International Sailing Federation [ISAF]) 'Model Training Course for Offshore Personal Survival' attendees will be met, and participants will receive a Course Completion Certificate that satisfies the requirements for most Category 0, 1 and 2 races.  With a 5 year validity the certificate can be updated by attending an 8 hour (minimum) refresher course, however for those who do not go to sea regularly, it is highly recommended that a full 2 day course is completed.  For more information on the Refresher Course please Click here
What to do afterwards? Go Boating and enjoy your Cruising or Racing adventures!

Consider aspiring to become a Coastal, Offshore or Ocean Yachtmaster, and for the very experienced, becoming a SSS Instructor.

Recognition of Prior Learning Australian Sailing recognises that Professional mariners may have attended other courses with similar content, and as such, may be able to receive credit towards a Safety and Sea Survival Course Certificate.

Application form for Recognition of Prior Learning


The Syllabus for the course is based on Appendix G of the World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations 6.01 which can be found on the World Sailing website at the following link (please ensure that you download the latest version) or in the Racing Rules of Sailing (The Blue book) which is available for sale from the online shop